Malawi Muslims Population at 13.8%

Muslim Population Malawi Statistics

A recent Housing and Population Census conducted by the National statistical Office (NSO) shows that Muslims make up to 13.8 percent of the Malawi population.

The list shows that other unidentified Christian religions comprise 26.6 % seconded by the Roman Catholic at 17.2%, Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP), Muslims at 13.8 %, Seventh Day 9.45%, Pentecostal 7.6% other unidentified religions 5.6%, no religion 2.1% and Traditional 1.1 %.

This means that Muslims are on the third position on the list of identified religions in the country.

Muslim Population Malawi StatisticsAccording to the figures out of the 17 million Malawians, Muslims are 2,426,754.

This is a rise from 2008 where the census showed that Muslims were at 1,690,087 out of a population of 13,066,320.

However, some Muslims have argued that the figures have been manipulated saying the number is small as compared to the real figures on the ground.

Commenting on this, one of the Islamic Scholars, Mr. Abdul Aziz Yaseen said it is hard to rule out that the figures have been manipulated as Muslims have never conducted their own survey to find out their population in the country.

“I think it is high time we as Muslims conduct our own survey, it is easy. We can have registers in the masjids and register the people who pray there”.

Population and housing census in Malawi is conducted after every ten years.

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