IIB engages non-Muslim Teachers on Islamic faith

Islamic information Bureau Iftar program

Islamic Information Bureau says understanding of other people’s beliefs is very crucial in promoting co-existence among Muslims and Christians in the country.

IIB Limbe Coordinator Sheikh Ahmad Chienda has made the sentiments during iftar program the institution organized for non-Muslim teachers.

Sheikh Chienda Islamic Information Bureau CoordinatorChienda said involving people of other faith in various Islamic activities bridges the gap among them.

“As you know that teachers form a very important part of the society, they interact with our learners and among the learners are Muslims, so in this case they will be able to understand beliefs of their learners especially those who are Muslims”.

He added that it is the responsibility of IIB to give out the information to the people and promised to continue doing so.

“We only have the responsibility of spreading the information but only Allah guides to the right path those who He likes”.

One of the teachers at St Kizito Boys Primary School Nelie Anton Mhango commended IIB for organizing the function adding it has helped to clear out misconceptions that they had on Islam.

Mhango concurred with Sheikh Chienda that such programs help to promote a better understanding among people of other faith therefore encouraged it to reach out to others.

“We are now aware of what our fellow Muslims believe in.

We used to think that they don’t believe in Jesus as the son of Mary but now we know that they also believe in prophets like Abraham and Adam”.

Twenty Primary School teachers from Limbe and surrounding areas attended the function.

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