Loans and Debts

There are different ways through which funds could be raised to meet individuals and organisations needs and funding requirements. Raising loans is on

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Forbidden wealth in Islam


INTEREST / RIBA No one is unaware of the prohibition of taking Riba in Islam. Even the non-Muslims know that Islam does not allow consuming inte

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Employment in Islam


EMPLOYER -EMPLOYEE OBLIGATIONS IN ISLAM Islam has a set of basic rules and regulations for employer and employee to run their affairs.  Prophet Moham

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Gambling and Lottery in Islam


THE EVILS OF GAMBLING INTRODUCTION Gambling has unfortunately become an acceptable practise in Muslim Society due to its wide scale promotio

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Inheritance in Islam


Laws and rules of inheritance sharing in Islam. Rights and rules of inheritance in Islam It is invalid to divide the inheritance of a deceased person

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Charity in Islam


Why Charity is So Important in Islam Ever noticed how many times the word ‘charity’ is referred to in the Holy Qur’an? Charitable acts such as help

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Borrowing in Islam


Often, an entrepreneur has to borrow money to start a business, or an investor is lending money to someone to start a business.  While there are w

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