24 Muslims secure seats in Malawi Parliament

Malawi Parliament

Malawi Electoral Commission 2019 Tripartite elections results indicate that  twenty four Muslim members of Parliament have made it to the August House, this is a rise compared to 2014 where twenty one MPs made it. While other Muslims celebrate the good news others expressed worry at the rate as is it increasing at a slow pace.
According to them this means that Muslims are lagging behind in as far as decision making positions are concerned. Some of the Members of Parliament that have retained their seats include Aisha Mambo Adams, Elias Kareem, Daud Chida.

Ajeelu Kalitendere, Abida Mia and Yusuf Nthenda are the new comers. While Atupele Muluzi and Ibraheem Matola, uladi Mussa have failed to retain their seat. Commenting Sheikh Chienda of Islamic Information Bureau said they have faith in the members saying they will represent Muslims in matters that concern them. “i am happy because some of the new faces i know them because how they have worked with people before deciding to contest. They are freedom fighter and am happy that they are part of the country’s decision-making group”.

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